Fire from within

“There is nothing like the feeling of using your body with precision”...
This blog is about outdoors activities and creatures, and the awesome feeling of using your body with precision. P.S.: You will also see some dogs, I love those.


I am so incredibly grateful for the friendship of Filip and Marek of The Wildness Production.

Not only have they shown danielbrucelee​ and me incredible kindness here in Iceland, but they are also two of the most inspired people that I have ever met. Their positive energy is infectious and it’s impossible to have a bad day when they’re around.

It’s amazing to see what they’ve accomplished so far - having left their small village in the Czech Repbulic to travel the world at age 19; I cannot wait to see where their journey leads. Nor can I wait for our paths to cross again.


Two Days In Yosemite

I awoke in the pre-dawn hours discombobulated and delirious to a very distinctive gargle and flap of the wings. As I pried my lids open I found myself in a world where the air was so crisp you could see your own breath and so still you could hear the leaves falling to the ground, all covered with a thin blanket of campfire smoke serenity. I love fall in the Valley.